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Why, You Ask?
  • Great rates
  • Support your charity
  • Financially stable
  • Great customer service
New ideas. Years of knowledge.

New ideas. Years of knowledge. Built on decades of industry experience, innovation, and inspiration, 4Change Energy is a company founded on the idea that electricity should be affordable. 4Change Energy is also a company focused on results, including their founder’s proven leadership in competitive markets.

President’s Message

In creating 4Change Energy, we set out to give you more than an electric company. We wanted to create a personal connection between us and our customers. We wanted to give you a reason to stay for a long time. And we wanted to create something different. For us? That means doing something that’s good for your wallet and your neighbors. It means shaving every cost possible so we can give you low prices, the service you need, and support our communities with a helping hand. You win and your neighbors win. That is different.

I hope you give us a try. And if you like what you get, tell your family and friends. Word of mouth makes a difference. Together we can do more good in the community.


John Geary

They’re always on.

How reliable is 4Change Energy? Extremely reliable. With headquarters in Texas, they are regulated and certified by the Public Utility Commission (PUC). There is no change to the company who has been delivering your power and responding to outages for as long as you have had electricity, so the service stays the same. Furthermore, their corporate parent is a multi-billion dollar energy company, so you know it’s experience you can trust.

Helping you help them.

It’s true—you can offer a lower price, simplified services and still be a good steward in the community. It’s their way of supporting the customers who support them—giving is an extra. 4Change believes it’s the way companies are heading. In the Texas tradition of going big or going home, they decided they wanted to go big—at home.

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